5 Essential iPhone Apps for Adventure Sport Fanatics

If you’re anything like me, then you need to be in tune with what’s going on in the world of adventure sports, 24/7. Whether you need to check the surf forecast, take a quick snap of your mate boosting a big air on his snowboard, or simply shopping for the latest gear, then there is a whole host of apps out there in cyber space that will become an essential part of your day to day life. Here are a few of my favourites!



This uniquely named website has respectfully earned its name as the forefront of online surf forecasting. Releasing its iPhone app in 2009, the technology and features attached to this site have gone from strength to strength.

Whether you need to check the wave height in Newquay or Hawiaa, or would like to upload a picture to the site, this is one powerful application that has it all.

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Whitelines Magazine

This excellent app is brought to you by the legendary Whitelines Magazine. Worldly renowned as the leader in snowboarding literature, this glossy magazine has been condensed in this super hi-tech app version that allows you to get your daily snowboarding fix whilst on the move.

The app is updated daily with a wide range of imagery snapped by the world’s best snow-sport photographers. It also boasts useful features such as a snowboard buyer’s guide that allows you to read in-depth reviews on all the latest brands such as APO snowboards.

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Extreme Sports Map

Now this is one of my favourite iPhone applications. Whenever I am travelling around, this is my favourite little app to consult. It does exactly as the name suggests, it is a map of a large and growing number of extreme sport locations around the world.

Simply type in the area you would like to research and the Extreme Sports Map will pinpoint all the places you can either surf, snowboard, skate, wakeboard and a whole host of other extreme activities in the surrounding area. An interesting little feature is the Geo-Location , which uses your phones GPS to instantly find locations in your current area.

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Best Session Ever

Now this is one fun application. There is nothing better that sharing your memorable moments with your friends, family and others that share similar interests to yourself.

By joining the online community, you can upload, geolocate and statistically track that amazing surfing session you just had. There are 6 summer/winter extreme sports to choose from.

It’s perfect to utilise as a platform to store all of your photos and written content about the sports you are passionate about. It becomes a type of time line that you and your friends can enjoy and track your progress.

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Ski Tracks

This is a very clever way to spend 69 pence indeed. Ski Tracks is an essential application for anyone who is hitting the slopes this winter.

This clever little app hosts a whole range of data for you to analyse after or ski session. Whether you want to time- race your friends, clock the distance of back-country skiing, record your miles per hour or simply save your favourite route, this handy little upgrade to your iPhone will keep you and your mates entertained.

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