Top 5 iPhone Camera Apps for Experienced Photographers

Whether you’re a diehard photographer with years of experience, or someone with a growing interest in the popular world of photography, it’s hard to disagree that the iPhone has made life easier. Many argue that this is a bad thing but there are more who are happy to capitalise on this new technology. Capturing moments has become main-stream and, thanks to the new apps that are now available, everyone can take beautiful photos and share them with their friends and family in minutes. However, in a world where everyone is trying to be different, what are the options? Ironically, Instagram – which was originally used by hipsters to stand out from everyone else, is now being used by almost everybody.

Here is a list of 5 camera apps for the iPhone photographer that wants to stand out from the crowd and take control of their photography. It’s an “anti-Instagram” list, if you like.


Camera+ has a lot to live up to. Basically, it’s an advanced version of Instagram, and allows enhanced features and considerably more control. It has countless filters and features, such as the stabilizer and focus tools, and unlike Instagram, once you’ve added a filter to your photo you are able to edit the extent of the effect and personalise it to your own taste. From personal experience I would say that Camera+ has everything the modern photographer needs, all for less than $2. Bargain!

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Everyone likes to dabble in a bit of video from time to time. The problem, however, has always been finding a decent app to use. Many photo camera apps have a video recording feature, but they are not specialist enough. Viddy has changed all of this. It allows you to make beautiful videos with countless filters and editing features. The only problem you’ll have is matching the quality of the footage with the quality of the sound. However, beggars can’t be choosers and this little beauty is one of the best free video apps out there. Check it out!

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Magic Hour

For centuries photographers have waited for the “magic hour” or “golden hour” to take beautiful photos. It’s the time of day when the sun is 6-7 degrees above or below the horizon, and adds a natural beauty to your photos. If you’re a photographer that hates adding layers and layers of filters and adjustments, then this is for you. The app locates your exact location and tells you exactly when your magic hour will begin – it will even send you a reminder so that you can run out and take some shots. You’ll get perfect tones and beautiful photos, without having to make any edits.

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Lens Lab

For anyone with a serious interest in manual photography this great little app allow complete control over depth of field and serves up a huge portion of SLR camera features. As well as providing depth of field calculations you will also find exposure settings and lens focus options. It pretty much turns your phone into a fully functioning SLR; it’s up to you to master it.

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Classic Cameras

This app is ideal for anyone who misses using their old-school SLRs. 90+ cameras are squeezed into this compact app and will take you back to the hay-days of photography. As well as providing genuinely accurate images, the app also goes into great detail of the camera and is undeniably interesting for anyone remotely interested in the history of modern and classic photography. At $2.99 from iTunes, it’s not the cheapest but, really, what can you buy for $2.99 these days?

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