Unusual Things to Do in London

London is a huge city with so many alluring options for tourists. Those staying at hotels in London have plenty of places to explore and things to do nearby. From riding on a speed boat on Thames to visiting Buckingham Palace, London city has a lot of options in store. But these are the sights and things that everybody is familiar with. Alongside, there are some unusual things to do that travellers often miss out. London has another side that isn’t given in the guide books, nor does every tourist get to see it. Let’s uncover the most unusual things to see and do in London.

Overnight Stay at London Zoo

Not everybody gets a chance to spend a night amidst rhinos. It’s a lifetime experience, so why not go for it during your London trip. Among white rhinos, reindeers, and wolves, you will feel like you are in Maasai Mara. This fully hosted experience also includes delicious dinner and hot breakfast. You will get to stay in your own private lodge nestled at the heart of ZSL Whipsnade Zoo.

Sleepover at Natural History Museum

If you are visiting with kids, take them to Natural History Museum for an exciting sleepover. How about waking up beside a Dinosaur? The Dino Snores is an adventurous experience for kids and adults alike. After all, how often do you get to spend a night with a Tyrannosaurus Rex that roamed the earth ages ago? By torch-light, you will be taken into darkest depths of the museum to find clues to solve a puzzle.

Go Zorbing

Want to treat yourself to something different? Why not try zorbing. It’s the new craze and all the rage that has hit Londoners at present. You will be put into an inflatable ball. You will love this head over hills ride in the picturesque park. It’s cool and fun but at the same time, do not underestimate how much work it is.

Duck Duck Tour

Do all the sightseeing tours of London seem boring to you? Then why not try the alternative Duck Duck Tour. You will be ferried around the city in a boat which is apparently a car too. At one moment, you are driving along past London attractions like Buckingham Palace and the next moment you are in the middle of the River Thames. What can be more unique than this?

Visit Platform 9¾

Remember Platform No. 9¾ from Harry Potter movie series? Surprisingly, this platform used in the magical movie does exist. Visit the platform a Kings Cross Station form where wizards and witches go on board their Hogwarts express. The platform is complete with a luggage cart that is stuck in the wall.

Find a Hidden Bar

London is home to plenty of doors that give you access to a hidden drinking hole. You can find a bar hidden behind the door of a fridge or in a public convenience. Cellar Door and Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town are quire alluring options. Pop along with your friends to impress them with your knowledge of secret London.

Try any of these unusual things and make your London travel experience a little different this time.

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