7 Quick Frugal Travel Tips

1. Track your spending

It’s amazing how quickly you can burn through your funds if you aren’t careful. A good way to stay on budget is to carry with you a little notepad and write down every transaction you make. Doing so will make you a more cautious spender, allowing you to stay on budget and travel for longer.

2. Eat street food

Not only is it incredibly cheap, it’s delicious too. If you’re unsure where to eat, watch where the locals go. If they’re all flocking towards one particular stand, you know it’s going to be worthwhile trying.


3. Prepare your own meals

If you’re in a country where eating out isn’t the cheapest option, go to the local supermarket, stock up on noodles and cook them at your hostel. The majority of hostels have basic kitchen facilities where you can prepare your own meals, saving you a few extra dollars in the process.

4. Try CouchSurfing

Cutting the cost of accommodation will extend your holiday significantly. Couchsurfing.org has a large online community of people who are willing to let you stay on their couch for a night or two. Not only will it save you money, you get to meet some friendly locals too.

5. Get a good guidebook

Whether you fall fowl to a scam or hand over too much money because you didn’t calculate the exchange rate correctly, there are plenty of ways to unwittingly lose money while travelling. A decent guidebook will help you learn the local scams, understand the exchange rate and advise you on how much you should be paying for food, transport and accommodation.


6. Buy Locally

If you’re short on funds before you leave, pack only the absolute essentials and stock up on any additional clothing and accessories you require while travelling. Places like Asia are flooded with cheap clothing that can be purchased for a fraction of the normal cost. Even if it only lasts a month, it’s cheap enough not to worry.

7. Barter

It’s expected that you barter in certain countries (especially throughout Asia). To avoid being charged the foreigner rate, have a friendly chat with the shop keeper to see if they can lower the price. If you still think it’s too expensive, simply walk away. It’s important to remember to stay calm, keep a smile on your face and be realistic. There is no point bartering over a few cents.

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