For a Cheaper Rate, Speak to the Hotel Manager

A simple, yet often forgotten trick to finding cheap hotel accommodation is to call the hotel directly. The folks at The Simple Dollar attempted this and were pleasantly surprised with the results:

Several years ago, Sarah and I visited the Amana Colonies in eastern Iowa with another couple. We decided to stay in a hotel there for two nights so we could stay up late with friends we hadn’t seen in a long while.

Our friends had chosen a hotel online and booked a room, so we decided to just stay at the same hotel for that weekend. However, when I went to book that room online, I was stunned at the price. I didn’t want to pay that much.

So, I placed a call to that hotel. I spoke to a receptionist, and then to a manager, about reserving a room for that weekend. I told him that our budget was limited and that we were considering staying at another hotel (presumably their main competition) as well as a bed and breakfast in the area. The manager almost immediately offered me a rate that was about 40% of what I could find online. I agreed to the rate and placed the reservation, and I received a confirmation email shortly thereafter confirming the rate.

The end result? We spent less for two nights than our friends likely spent for one night in the same hotel.


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