Awesome jobs which will allow you to travel the world

They say travelling the world is an investment and the rewards for taking such an adventure will always outweigh any monetary value attached to it. That said the best travel reward programs still require you to pay for plane tickets and even the most affordable street food in Chiang Mai won’t pay for itself so you need money to get around, right?

Travel vaccines, visas, bank charges, clothing, insurance…the list goes on, and this continues depending on your own ability to be frugal. In fact, the cost of travelling the world can really start adding up and even when you do save enough to set off, it can often transpire the initial expectations and the actual cost of long term travel are two very different things.

Travel is always possible

Although keep in mind the above is merely a process of being realistic rather than for the purpose of keeping you from the trip of a lifetime and thankfully, there is also an easy alternative to saving endlessly which can help account for the money you need to travel, namely working overseas. It may have seemed an unlikely option in the past but working overseas is now a viable option for any traveler who wants to earn money while they travel and one of the best reasons for exploring this option is that it often requires little to no previous experience.

Morale of the story: Travel really does cost money but it really is an investment too and if you can’t afford it, you can always work overseas to make it possible in the first place.

Here are some of the best options for working overseas and earning money while you travel:

Jobs & work overseas

Seasonal jobs around the world

Seasonal work is common worldwide so whether you think you can handle picking fruit in a rural part of Australia or work as a ski instructor with the ski loving-tourists in Banff National Park in Canada, there is always a plethora of jobs available to the willing traveler. Honestly, the options in terms of seasonal work are endless and this also extends to a large number of conventional tourism related service providers such as bars and restaurants.

Work in a hostel

With the above in mind, one of the best providers to work for in the tourism industry is a hostel. Jobs in a hostel range from cooking and cleaning to organizing tours and showing fellow backpackers around the hostel while most of these roles will offer the same incentive. Some will pay but many will offer free accommodation and food in exchange for a few hours service a day, bringing a whole new meaning to the theory that if you don’t spend much money, you don’t need so much in the first place. Although this may not be a long terms solution, it is certainly a great option for when you stay in any one location for more than a week or two.

Work remotely as a freelancer

Online has completely changed and shaped the landscape of the modern world, to the point where it’s possible for absolutely anyone to work, from anywhere. Maybe you know a second language? Become an online translator. Familiar or experienced when it comes to graphic design? Create logos or websites while you work overseas. Do you write or is English your native language? Chances are, you can get paid to write for any number of publications on one of the many freelancing websites out there.

Work overseas on a cruise ship

The Cruising industry is booming right now with some of the most affordable vacation deals to be found on the sea. Cruise ships are simply enormous and when you consider the fact that they require even more staff than a full scale hotel, you will understand there is always a need for them to recruit more staff. From cleaning to entertaining, bar work, serving, hosting, and more – working on a cruise is a great way to earn money to further your travels, not to mention it is also a great way to save money as most of your expenses are covered on board.

Teach English online

If you walk into an internet café anywhere in Southeast Asia, you are likely to encounter a young backpacker using Skype to teach English online. There are many websites currently seeking western travelers to cater for this demand and their clients come from all over the world, from Russia to Beijing. You do not need any qualifications for these positions and work is usually paid for at the end of each session but ultimately, this is a job which can be used to earn money while you travel anywhere in the world and the pay is surprisingly good.

Scuba dive instructor

Many travelers will take to Scuba Diving on their adventures and much of this is due to the fact that the experience can be highly affordable in popular travel destinations such as Dahab and the Red Sea or Koh Tao in Thailand. It is even very affordable to train as an actual diving instructor in these places and quite often, this will put you first in the line when it comes to applying for any job openings with this particular operator. However, your best option will usually be to apply for one of the many current job listings for Dive instructors around the world, of which there are many.

Volunteering abroad

Forget spending thousands to stay in an African clinic for two weeks or to work in an elephant orphanage in India, volunteering does not cost money. In fact, many legitimate volunteer programs will offer to pay you or at the very least, to cover all of your expenses when you visit them including accommodation, food and activities. When you consider the impact of the work, this is possibly the best way to do something meaningful while working overseas and the work itself is usually quite leisurely meaning you have plenty more time to work to explore the local surroundings.

Travel does cost money, this was never in question, but as outlined above, there are many ways to afford and pay for it as you go. From teaching English to creating logos, teaching people how to ski, dive or just find their way around; working overseas is always an option and the perfect way of escaping routine to see the world.
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