Gadget Wizardry – LaCie PetiteKey

Don’t let the name fool you, the new PetiteKey from LaCie is one tough hombre. With its slim design and tough outer casing, it’s the one storage device I’m confident will survive the journey.

A small device with a big capacity

With an 8GB, 16GB and 32GB model available, there is more than enough space to keep all your important travel files safe and secure.

Solid construction

While it may not withstand exposure to extreme temperatures or a high impact fall like its RuggedKey cousin, it’s more than sturdy enough to endure the rigours of daily travel life due to its water resistant shell and scratch proof resistor.


Software secure

Installed with LaCie’s Private-Public software, you can create a password-protected area to store all of your confidential information in for maximum security.

Secure cloud storage

With a year of one-to-one storage with Wuala provided, you get the added benefit of backing up your keys content securely in the cloud.

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Submitted on: October 18 2012 Protection Status
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