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The smartphone has become a necessity when travelling. Long are the days where you have to carry around a laptop, camera, charger and any number of bulky gadgets. You can now perform every task you need straight from your phone. They’re an important travellers gadget and like any gadget, you need to protect it. That’s why I’ve been testing the j​immyCase.​

I’ll start with the look and feel of the case. If your phone is your sole device when travelling, you want to enjoy using it. I’ve been using the jimmyCase for just over a week now and I still love picking it up and holding it. It just f​eels n​ice within your grip.


It has a protective silicone bumper wrapping around the edges and a coarse strip running down either side which gives that extra traction when holding it. It’s not a case you’d be afraid to hold it one-handed while in a rush.

The back of the case is covered in a lovely mahogany wood. The strap is custom woven and can hold up to 5 cards without stretching. I’ve only kept 2 or 3 cards in at a time and it’s a snug fit. It’s ideal for travel in this sense as I typically keep a separate passport folder with all my important cards locked in my bag, so I never need too many on me at a time.

The strap comes in multiple colours and patterns but I went with black, it’s classic and looks neat against the mahogany wood.


You will get a sense of just how durable the case is when you first attach it to your phone. I did struggle to squeeze my iPhone 5 in (also available iPhone 6s wallet case​ and Samsung Galaxy), but that’s just part of the appeal. Once the phone is in, it doesn’t feel like a separate product. There’s no gaps, no movement, it’s one of the tightest fitting cases I’ve used.

With that in mind, it can’t compete with cases boasting extreme protective capabilities, and it doesn’t pretend to. However, between its military-spec mahogany wood and protective silicone bumper, it covers style and durability which not many other cases can achieve.

What I like most about the product is how it’s made. In a market flooded with mass-produced, cheap and flimsy products, finding a popular cellphone cases​ which has been hand-crafted with locally sourced materials all made in California is a nice change.

When travelling, you need access to functional and well-crafted products. You never know what situation you may end up in and you want your gear to be up for the challenge.

This j​immyCase ​ticks all the boxes: style, durability, craftsmanship and functionality.
Submitted on: November 11 2011 Protection Status
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