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One of the major annoyances I have while travelling is keeping all my electronics charged. With a laptop, smartphone, kindle and iPod, it can be time consuming and tricky keeping them all charged at once, especially when there is only 1 or 2 power points available in a hostel room. I always seem to forget charging one and it usually occurs at the most inconvenient time, typically on a long bus or plane ride when I need them most.

With a new Powerbag, all you need to do is keep the bag charged and in turn, it will be a saviour when you need to add a little bit more juice to one of your devices.

What is a Powerbag?

It’s a bag with a built-in battery which is capable of charging hundreds of different devices from smartphones to iPods to eReaders and tablets. It’s capable of charging up to 4 devices at once and it has enough juice to charge your smartphone twice over. With an apple, several USB (standard and mini) and many other common connectors available, there isn’t many devices which won’t work with the Powerbag.

What’s available?

There are currently three different collections available: backpack, messenger and briefcase. Each collection has several bags made by Powerbag and also fūl, the bag, backpack and travel gear specialist. A couple of our favourite include:


Powerbag Backpack

The base model in the backpack collection, it contains a dedicated laptop compartment to provide that extra layer of protection and it has enough power to charge the average smartphone twice over.

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Powerbag Deluxe Backpack

The deluxe version has one major improvement over its standard counterpart, double the battery life! (6000mAh compared to 3000mAh). It also has a padded laptop compartment which is suitable for laptops up to 16” in size.

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Powerbag Messenger Bag

If a backpack isn’t your style, you can purchase one of these trendy messenger bags for those quick weekend trips away. With its simple design, the messenger bag has the same charging abilities as the standard backpack (3000mAh) and it has enough compartments to fit all your gadgets in securely.

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Powerbag Wheeled Brief Case

This one is targeted more towards the business travelers amongst us. With its sturdy design, spacious compartments and hardy wheels, it’s perfect for the business man or women on the go. It has the same charging ability has the deluxe backpack (6000mAh) so there is more than enough juice to keep all your electronics charged for that big presentation.

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Need more power?

Additional batteries can be purchased to ensure you never run on empty. The 3000mAh battery is the perfect backup and the 6000mAh battery charges the average smartphone 4 times over.
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