Do you really want to move back home from Japan?

Let’s face it, there is an inevitable culture shock when you move to any foreign part of the world but then moving from Japan back home can also be every bit as challenging. That being said, are you sure it’s the right moment to be calling time on your stay in Japan? Here are some considerations worth keeping in mind about living in Japan and the possibility of moving back home to the western world:

Living in Japan may be familiar now, but so is home

When you first arrive in Japan, a distinct mystery surrounds the temples and many other attractions in places such as Kyoto, the former capital of Japan. At first, these are overflowing with fascinating landmarks infused with beauty and historical importance but they can also somehow go unnoticed or un appreciated when you spend a certain amount of time living in Japan.

In a similar sense, when moving from Japan back home to the western world, there can also be a slight ignorance that things will be more exciting at home but in reality, you are likely miss the temples and colorful surroundings, not to mention this sense of mystique is also unlikely to exist back home.

Why waste your time with the local language?

Most arrivals will learn the local language at some point, did you? Studying Japanese is hugely time consuming and a challenge in itself. But when it works and when you start practicing the terminology in public it can be a very rewarding experience. In this regard it can seem like a real shame to put all of this learning and hours of practice on the scrap heap. In fact, this can be such a useful language to know and despite Japan being the only country where it is spoken as a first language, having the Japanese language on a resume can appear extremely impressive to prospective employers while also allowing you to order sushi in the most spectacular way when finally do decide on going back home from Japan.

Moral of the story: Staying in Japan to master the language may not be a bad idea.

Unrivalled Food & Service

One thing is for certain, you will miss the local cuisine. Sure, you can find similar foods elsewhere the world but really, this is simply no comparison with what you will find in Japan itself. In fact, even sushi in a Japanese supermarket can eclipse a five star meal in the western world. And then there is the service itself, have you ever noticed how proficient everything is in a Japanese restaurant? Yes, the waiter may not interrupt your dinner every five minutes to ask is everything okay but actually, as soon as you do ask for another water, some sauce or a back rub, it is on the table already. This does not happen anywhere else and is something which will take time adapting to having moved back home.

Living in Japan is cheap

Living in Japan is an awful lot more affordable than the western world. For example, regardless of your taste in food it is always possible to find an impressive meal for less than US$5 which includes a tip, drinks and of course, taxes. When it comes to accommodation this is also the case and you can quite easily find affordable, clean apartments in nice neighborhoods for less than $450 per month. Returning back to the Western world can be a real shock in this respect as not only do you need to attend interviews, but you will also need to lower your standards and pay more for them.

Transport is effortless

While owning a car is almost a pre-requisite in many parts of the world, the incredible standard of local transport make living in Japan seem hassle-free. Taking the train in Japan is the most cost effective and efficient way to get around. This obviously means you will not be paying car insurance or any other associated costs but more to the point, it means you are rarely late for work, never without a cheap means of getting somewhere fast and without the unnecessary process called road rage.

Moving is not easy, but it can be made easier

Although maybe you have already made a decision and are now learning about the unfortunate costs involved when going home. Flights are expensive and it’s always better to have a “nest egg” of some kind for your inevitable search for employment. Not to put you off but it can also be a hassle moving the endless possessions which have somehow taken up all the space in your apartment. That being said, there is always an affordable option for everything and this includes moving back home so whatever you decide, choose wisely and safe travels!
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