Save a Wet Phone!

If your phone has been exposed to water and has stopped functioning, try the simple trick of burying it in a bowl of rice. It may sound bizarre, but it can work. Rice has the terrific ability of being able to rapidly absorb water and moisture, so if you bury a device in it, any liquid or moisture on the electronics will be drawn out.

If you find your phone waterlogged, try to following steps before giving up hope:

Remove the battery

This should be your first step. Electricity and water don’t mix, so remove the battery immediately.

Remove the SIM

Once you’ve taken out the battery, it’s a good idea to remove the SIM card too. Not only will it aid in saving the SIM, it will expose your phones insides a little more, allowing the rice to do its work.

Dry the phone

Before you bury it in rice, you need to make sure that any visible drops of water are completely gone. So grab some paper towel and gently dab your phone to ensure that it’s as dry as possible before you proceed with the following steps.

Bury the phone in rice

Grab a bowl or container, fill it with uncooked rice and bury your phone directly in the middle. You’ll want to leave it as long as possible (overnight as a minimum) so the rice can do its work and draw out any moisture which is still trapped within your phone.

Place the phone on absorbent paper

Once you’ve left the phone to sit in the rice overnight, take it out and place it on a piece of absorbent material such as paper towel. Let it sit while keeping an eye on the towel to see if it’s soaking up any water which wasn’t absorbed by the rice.

Turn on!

After at least 24 hours submerged in rice, it’s time to turn it on and see if it works. Best of luck!
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