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If you’re unfamiliar with SeatGuru, it’s a website featuring over 700 airline seat maps, seat advice and user submitted comments. Simply put, it’s a godsend for those wanting to find a comfortable seat for their upcoming flight.

And now, they’ve just expanded by introducing a new flight search tool. At its core, it has all the features you’d expect from any flight search tool: flexible dates, non-stop flights, near-by airports and package deals. However, there are a couple of new features which we’ve come to expect from SeatGuru.

The all new Guru Factor is one such feature. G-Factor will tell you whether you’ll Love it, Like it or Live with it depending on the leg room, in-flight entertainment and service of your selected flight. With each flight given a rating out of 5, you’ll get a good idea before boarding exactly what you’re in for.


Another handy feature is the “Airline Fees Estimator” tool.  Once activated, it’ll update the total flight cost with an estimation of how much your checked baggage will cost, allowing you to budget more accurately.

As we continually search for cheap airfares, it’s important to find that balance between value and comfort. With SeatGuru’s new G-Factor, you can do just that.

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