(Video) Slacklining in the Hawaiian Jungle

Featuring two of the most celebrated Slackliners in the world, Andy Lewis and Alex Mason, Red Bull Slackadder is a spellbinding visual captured in Onemea Falls, Hawaii. Somersaulting precariously on slackline next to a cascading waterfall, Alex Masons’ opening scene is merely a prelude for the kind of cinematography you might expect from Red Bull.

Located in Hilo on Big Island, Hawaii, the slacklining ladder course was built by Mason and Lewis using one mile of cables and more than a thousand feet of slackline. Balancing on taut webbing high above the falls, the ability of these athletes alone promises for a thrilling encounter but deep within such luscious surroundings, it is also the natural environment which helps to emphasize the sheer magnitude of the project.

Fluid, accurate and graceful in every way, both Mason and Lewis deliver a master class performance in front of the lens with every slight movement made to absolute perfection. In between the rushing water, exotic species of bird and the green canopy above, Red Bull Slackadder captures the true essence of slacklining, a fringe sport which Mason and Lewis also manage to convey in the most beautiful way possible.

Red Bull have been producing a mass number of adventure and extreme sport videos for the past decade and Slackadder is a worthy companion for the very best to have graced our screens.

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