Things I love about Canada

With just under a month to go until I return to Canada for the winter, it’s fair to say that I’ve been thinking about Canada quite a lot lately. With the majority of those thoughts revolving around packing and preparation, I thought I’d remind myself why I’m going back by listing everything I love about Canada.

1. Mountain Life – While it’s not for everyone as it can be fairly claustrophobic at times, I love the tight-knit mountain communities. If you can get past the fact that you’re living in each other’s pockets and if you’re lucky enough to find a place with a good bunch of people, it’ll make for a memorable season.

2. Snowboarding – As I haven’t touched my snowboard since 2009, I’m super keen to strap on my boots and hit the slopes. With another full season to hone my skills, I’m hoping to tackle a few runs which I struggled with last time.

3. Ice Hockey – It’s fast, exciting and brutal. What’s not to like about Canada’s national sport? Hopefully this time around I’ll catch a few more live games.

4. Canadians – All the good things you hear about Canadians are absolutely true, they’re genuinely lovely people.

5. The Outdoors – I’ve been working so much the past 18 months, I’ve barely seen sunlight. I’m looking forward to spending some time out in the Canadian nature, whether it’s snowboarding or hiking, the exercise will do me wonders.

6. Canadian Beer – It doesn’t have the same notoriety as other well known beer producing nations, but Canadian beer shouldn’t be underestimated.

7. Affordability – Coming from Perth where a decent pub meal will set you back $25+ and you’d struggle to find a pint of beer for under $7, it’s an added bonus to be in a country where food, drink and accommodation are still fairly affordable.

8. Tim Hortons – As an unashamed coffee addict, I get along with Tim Horton’s very well indeed. If coffee isn’t your style, I’m sure you could be tempted by a timbit.

9. Poutine – The ultimate hangover food. Chips, gravy and cheese. What more can you say?

10. Back Bacon – Quite possibly the best bacon in the world. If you haven’t noticed yet, a fair chunk of my time in Canada has been allocated to eating.

11. Vancouver – I’m fortunate to be passing through such a lovely city en route to Big White. There’s a reason it’s continually voted the world’s most liveable city, it’s a wonderful place to visit.

12. The Cold – I come from Perth, where the summers are scorching hot and the winters and relatively mild, so I never experienced real cold until the first time I was in Canada. And strangely enough, I loved it.

Big White - Canada

13. Food Network – I love watching cooking shows, so you could imagine my delight when I found out that Canada has a whole network dedicated entirely just to that. Thinking back, I can’t go past Chef At Home with Michael Smith as my favourite show. I’d always sneak in an episode or two before and after work. What can I say, the dude has a soothing voice.

14. Multiculturalism – Canada truly is a multicultural nation. As I love to travel and I love meeting new people, Canada is the perfect place to visit as it’s a melting pot of different nationalities. If you aren’t from Canada, you will absolutely be made welcome if you decide to visit, just like I was.

Photo Credit – Poutine
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