Travel Gadget Roundup

This roundup is all about staying organised, keeping entertained and being comfortable.

Digital Luggage Scale

With airlines charging exorbitant fees for excess baggage, it’s important to keep your luggage within the correct weight limit. A digital luggage scale is small enough to be carried with you so you can certain that your luggage is always at the correct weight.



One of those ingeniously simple items that you wish you had found earlier. Grid-it is a unique weave of rubberised elastic bands made specifically to hold your personal items in place. Gone are the days when you have to empty your entire backpack to find a single USB cord.

Cocoon Innovations | Amazon

Kodak “PlaySport” Video Camera

In our last gadget roundup we recommended the Flip HD video camera. This time, we’re recommending its rugged cousin, the Kodak PlaySport video camera. Think of it as the Bear Grylls of video cameras. With its water, dust and shockproof shell, this 1080p HD video camera can literally go anywhere with you. It’s the perfect companion for the adventurous traveller.

Kodak | Amazon

Stereo Splitter

An incredibly simple gadget, but one I’ve used many times during my trips abroad. The Stereo Splitter allows you to plug two sets of headphones into one headphone jack, giving you the ability to share a device with a friend.


PlayStation Portable (PSP)

You don’t have to be a gamer to enjoy the PSP. For me, the appeal comes in the ability to watch videos and browse the internet. It’s small enough to quickly pop-out when you have a spare moment to check your email, browse the web (granted a free WiFi connection is in range), make a call using Skype or watch a movie.

Sony | Amazon

Laptop Charger

While they’re slowing reducing in size, some laptops still come with brick-like power packs which take up half your luggage space. This Laptop Charger from Targus is an ultra-portable alternative.

Targus | Amazon


Another portable charging device, the Chargepod can charge up to 6 electronic devices at once. It’s a perfect time saver for those on a tight schedule.

Callpod | Amazon


You may look absolutely ridiculous, but at least you’ll be comfortable. I’d buy one for the humour value alone.


Portable Multimedia Player

Ideal for those long plane trips, the Portable Multimedia player from iLuv can play media from your iPod, SD Card or DVD which is then displayed on a crisp 8.9” digital TFT LCD screen.

iLuv | Amazon


Once connected to a MP3 player, The Tunebug can turn any flat surface into a speaker, allowing you to share your favourite music with the world.

Tunebug | Amazon
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