Useful Travel Gear

While it’s nice to have the latest and most advanced gadgets at your disposal, sometimes the simplest accessory is the most useful when travelling. I’ve listed below 10 simple accessories which is a must for any traveller.

1. Combination Lock

It’s important to have a couple of combination locks handy when travelling. I always lock my bag before checking in at the airport and I always keep one ready so I can quickly lock my valuable items away when I arrive at a hostel.

2. Notepad and Pen

I find I’m constantly jotting down notes when I’m travelling. Carrying a pocket sized notepad allows me to quickly write down any tidbit of information which I need to remember later. It’s also perfect for the budget conscious traveller who has a daily budget and needs to keep track of their transactions.

3. Travel Adaptor

A dead camera battery is a pretty common and frustrating occurrence. To keep all your electronics charged and ready to go, it’s important to purchase the correct travel adaptor for the country you’re visiting. If you plan on visiting a bunch of different destinations, it may be wise to invest in a travel adaptor pack so you’ll never be left with a dead battery.

4. Earplugs

This one is a no-brainer really. For those who have travelled, they understand how hard it can be to sleep in a loud hostel, bus or plane. Keeping a pair tucked away in your daypack will ensure you can have a quick nap between destinations.

5. Multi-tool

Depending on the model you purchase, they generally come with pliers, scissors, knife, nail-file, screwdriver, key ring and most importantly, a bottle opener. An incredibly handy little tool for any traveller.

6. Waterproof bags

Purchasing a pack of small, waterproof plastic bags is essential to keep your valuable items dry and safe. Placing your passport and electronic items in separate bags will ensure they won’t get damaged due to exposure to water, sand or salt if in the unfortunate instance they come in contact with them.

7. Quick dry travel towel

A traditional towel is far too bulky for most travellers. Luckily, you can now purchase a compact, highly absorbent and quick drying towel which will fit nicely in your pack and not dampen your clothes.

8. Flashlight or Headlamp

Nothing too large is required, but a small flashlight or headlamp can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re camping or staying in hostels throughout your trip.

9. Bandanna

I kept one on me at all times when trekking through the jungles of Northern Thailand. Whether I was wiping off sweat, shielding my eyes from the sun or using it as a washcloth, it was the perfect little companion to have with me on a long trek. It was such a handy item I kept it with me for the remainder of my trip, so you don’t have to be trekking to reap the benefits of a bandanna.

10. Rain Jacket

The obvious purpose of a rain jacket is to keep dry, but they make a terrific wind stopper too. I’ve used one on many occasions during my time in South East Asia and I’ve also used one to provide that extra layer of protection during a cold winters day in Canada.
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