Why you should live in New York City at least once in your life

They call it the city that never sleeps and many more enchanting names but the enigmatic energy of New York City is obvious the moment you touch down in JFK International. Whether you are moving from Japan to the U.S.A, traveling from Europe or visiting on business; this colourful metropolis more than lives up to the lofty reputation which it often holds.

That being said, what is it that makes this famous destination so popular and why should you live in New York City at least once in your life?

Well, imagine for a moment that an alien from outer space landed for the first time on our lovely planet. New York is the one place where you could say to them “Welcome to earth, and this right here is the human population and world in which we live”. It may sound a little silly but this is exactly how to describe the most dynamic and vibrant city in the world.

Moving to New York City

Bright after dark and busy at every time of day, “the Big Apple” has everything you could want in the one place, from world class restaurants, flash bars, impressive landmarks, famous attractions and accents from every corner of the globe. Travel to little Italy or the Bronx before hitting up Harlem or Central Park; in every corner you will hear or see, or find something different while they all share the same appeal which is undoutedly the fact that they are living in harmony, in the one place.

Featuring the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, the Freedom Tower and site of 9/11, Times Square, Brooklyn Bridge and the Empire States Building; there is also no end of inspiring buildings throughout the city which make the cityscape nothing short of spectacular.

At the same time, this are merely visuals and there is so much more to experience in New York such as the food, unique experiences and broadway shows.

Food and eateries

As already mentioned, New York is known as the city that never sleeps and the nightly entertainment is often the reason for such reputation. Yes, moving to New York has certain advantages and once such benefit is the crowded bars and busy clubs in different neighborhoods such as Chelsea and the Meat District.

Likewise, you will also find a relentless lineup of places to eat with everything from pizza and past to steak and sushi. Every corner of every street is home to either a deli or restaurant of some kind while the street vendors will offer you the chance to experience your first American hot dog. This really is the all-American experience and finding it is simply a matter of taking a stroll beneath the tall buildings scraping the sky.


Did you know that Broadway is the most famous place in the world for live shows? Las Vegas is also popular but New York is undoubtedly the very pinnacle for performers all over the world who come in search of fame and stardom and the financial rewards of both.

In this sense, moving to New York gives you easy access to the best shows in the world and with discount booths located on Times Square, it is also quite easy to find half price tickets given you will have the flexibility to wait much longer than tourists to go see your dream performance.

Unique experiences and people

For some, the mere sight of Times Square or standing on top of the Rockefeller Centre is enough, while others will seek an afternoon with the Harlem Gospel Choir or the National Histroy Museum. Either way, the range of experiences in New York is second to none and rivaled at no point, anywhere in the world. In between, there is always time to enjoy some relaxation in the green spaces of Central Park but make no mistake, moving to New York is a sure fire way of getting up close to the most exciting city environment you are likely to find.

Last but not least, you have the people of New York and despite the unfavorable repuataion for being a busy or possibly ignorant place, the truth is much different. Moving to New York should be enough to convince you of the above, for behind this busy exterior, when you stay here for long enough, you will usually find that the city that never sleeps, is a rather friendly place to live.

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