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I’ve stayed in dozens of hostels around the world and on a whole, I’ve found the quality of WiFi provided to be generally quite good. However, there are times when the signal could be a little stronger and the connection just a touch more stable. This is where a WiFi booster comes in.

What is a WiFi booster?

A WiFi booster is an antenna attachment for your laptop. With one installed, the signal strength between the network and your laptop will be vastly increased and you will also have access to a far greater wireless range. This results in a stronger, faster and more stable internet connection. You may even discover new networks which weren’t previously accessible due to the range of your current antenna.

So, what’s available?

While there are plenty available through Amazon, we recommend the following:


Protronix Wireless LAN Wifi Adapter (150Mbps with Long Range Antenna)

Costing under $15 and with an average customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars, this is a popular adapter on Amazon. Featuring a multi-directional antenna, it enables your computer to receive a stronger and more reliable signal. This device is compatible with all operating systems and can be used with any laptop or PC.

» Buy on Amazon! ($12.86)


Alfa High Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi Network Adapter

A touch more expensive than the other two devices, this long range, high power adapter has a few handy extra’s such as a suction cap and extension cable to make your experience just that little bit easier.

» Buy on Amazon! ($29.99)


Alfa High Gain USB Wireless Long-Rang WiFi network Adapter (with 5dBi Antenna – for Wardriving & Range Extension)

Another model from Alfa, this is one of the most powerful cards on the market. For the power users among us, it also includes a 4-inch, screw-on rubber antenna that can be removed and upgrade up to a 9dBi antenna for added performance.

» Buy on Amazon! ($25.99)

You don’t need to put up with a weak and unstable connection, get a WiFi booster to make your internet use quick, smooth and enjoyable. If none of these suit your needs, there are plenty more available, so I’m sure you’ll find one to suit your unique requirements!
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